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Rafael is a UK-based music composer, orchestrator and CEO.

Known for integrating his extensive classical training with his skills in sound design and electronic music, he has crafted uniquely hybrid and inventive scores for a number of films, series, documentaries, and music production companies, including additional bespoke music for the National Geographic documentaries: Europe From Above: Season 5 (2023), When Sharks Attack: Season 8 (2022), Maui Shark Mystery (2022), Counting Jaws (2022), and Camo Sharks (2022). In addition, he has orchestrated the score for No Roses on a Sailor's Grave (2020); co-composed music for the Youtube series Jan Jaruka (2019); and composed music for the films: Dreams (2021) and The Post Man (2022) by Schwa Animation Studios, Ribeira (2020) directed by Filipa Santos, Blair (2020) by Gabbi Slater, The Portal (2020) by Jess Carter, Mirror Image (2018) by Rachel Pownall and The Hunt (2018) by Harry Galgut. 

In 2021 Rafael was recruited by Emmy award winning composing duo The de Luca Brothers to write additional original music for films, television series and theatrical marketing trailers, with credits ranging from major studios to network, streaming and cable TV.


In 2020 he co-founded the company “Engrave Production Music” providing music tailored towards specific emotions using mood-based albums that are thoughtfully curated for editor across the globe. As the director, supervisor, and composer at Engrave, Rafael has worked on commissions for Warner Chappell Production Music, BMG Production Music, Gargantuan Music, Muchas Music, Bleach Music, Dos Brain, Wrong Planet, and Absolute Music.


He has collaborated with a number of artists including his partner Jia Lee to co-found “Pitch Eminence” in 2021, a forward-thinking production studio releasing cutting-edge contemporary, ambiance, and electronic music for film, TV, and art installations, with works on Netherlands Channel 1, National Geographic, and Disney+.


As early as 8 years old, Rafael began his musical training at Callouts Gulbenkian Conservatoire of Aveiro in Portugal. At the age of twelve, he started composing and performing his music exploring the combination of traditional writing with electronic instruments. It became clear to Rafael that he wanted to become a film composer and in his late teens  he moved to the United Kingdom to study film music at a degree level. He graduated top of his class at Leeds Conservatoire, receiving a First Class Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Music in 2020.

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